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Inheriting A Hoard – Is There Treasure Amongst The Trash?

Declutter Planning - Inheriting A Hoard

Have You Ever Been In A Room That Was Lacking Any Sort Of Human Interaction For Years?

Not like an abandoned building, or old barn standing grey and weather beaten on the side of a country road. I mean, have you ever been in a deserted room in a house whose current residents just stopped going in it for one reason or another? These unplanned time capsules can contain nothing of value, or a dormant treasure of memories & valuables waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, if the owner(s) are okay with a room like this, it’s a pretty safe bet that the rest of the house is just as neglected. Still, in the room, or in the house, there are items that have sat dormant, unneeded by the owner for a very long time.

Declutter Planning - Sleeping Boy

I’ve experienced a room like this before. It had once been a normal room like most but a lack of purpose turned it into nothing more than storage. It started off as a child’s bedroom, most likely decorated at first according to the wishes of the mom. That child grew and became a teenager and with that comes posters, a job, spending money for the things they like, etc. When it was time to move on, they did just that, and left behind what they didn’t need or want. The walls were left covered with posters, clothes still hung in the closet, and various items were stored in a number of various places. Yet, there was no great rush to make this room anything other than storage when it first became vacant. A few miscellaneous items such as boxes, magazines, and newspapers were placed in there at first amongst the leftover desks and dressers. Then a little bit more, and then more still until, one day, it was almost impossible to open the door. Then it just sat. It sat and waited to be found again.

Declutter Planning - Rats

The door was opened once more after the owner of the home was no longer able to remain there due to illness, and all that was hidden was again found. The first thing you noticed is that, while no human had been in there for some time, other creatures left evidence that they roamed quiet freely and fearlessly around instead. This is not uncommon, and either a plus or minus from your point of view. A room like this, filled with an untouched past of memories for previous occupants, or those left to declutter and clean that had grown up during the same time period, can make going through everything a very long process. Each item, I’m sure, holds story after story to tell, but in all honesty, no one can really reminisce as they would like while holding a piece of their past that’s covered in animal droppings. It’s gross, but it makes the necessary task of discarding the items that only hold value due to memories a bit easier.

“But what if it’s not covered in… you know?” you may ask. The worst thing you could do is just blindly toss everything without first seeing if there is something of value, right? Unfortunately, and just like almost everything else in this world, that depends on the situation and the personality of the one that left it behind.

There are actually 3 factors that you can consider when cleaning out a room, or house, of a hoarder if you are worried about valuables being tossed. 

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