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Declutter Planning - Catch & Release | Get Your Fix & Gift Your Finding


Many people bring too many things into the home because one of their favorite pastimes is shopping. What's really interesting is that it's not the product that they buy that they are craving, but the fix their brain gets in the act of the shopping experience.

It's similar to the high a fisherman gets in making a catch. The only difference is that most fisherman I know don't keep their prize. They release it and are satisfied with the catch experience. Yes, some keep it and have it mounted on their wall, but even they usually only mount 1-3 in their home for decorative purposes and bragging rights. I've seen far too many people fill their closets and shelves with things they will never wear or use because they needed to feel the rush of dopamine they get from shopping.


Declutter Planning - Gift

What if those that get their high from the shopping experience were to be able to practice the method of Catch & Release, but with a little twist. Instead of going out shopping for yourself, think of those that you love, or are less fortunate than you, and shop with the mind that you will gift your find! Many people freely share their desires or wants, and an open ear can set you up as a bringer of blessings. Not only are you meeting your need from the experience, but you are getting that extra rush from the joy of giving.

In the long run, you shouldn't run to the store every time you get the urge, but if you have the desire to shop, and the ability to bless someone without any extra purchases, then have fun and feel great at the same time.

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