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Declutter Planning is built upon the foundational principles that Time and People are the most important resources we have in this world. Life is just impossible without time, and pointless without people. I say this coming from 10 years EMS experience, many dealing with end of life care situations with either a patient going to the hospital, or being transferred home for hospice care. Never has a dying man pleaded with me to,"Collect as much stuff as you can.You never know when you will need it!"

No, they usually looked me right in the eye, and almost begging say,"Don't worry about the stuff. Family and friends are what's important. Time is precious. Spend it with them."

You can only hear that but so many times before it sinks in and becomes solidified. You can only see so many nursing home rooms with only 10 or 15 items brought from a home filled with memories to realize that, near the end, it will all have to go eventually. How much do you really want your family to have to handle?

That's one reason I want to help you declutter. I want you to spend more time with your family and friends, and less time being alone because you may be either too embarrassed, or too busy, to have guests. Whether a single friend over for coffee or tea, or a dinner party with friends from church, I want you to experience the joy of having people over in a home that makes you proud.

The second reason why decluttering is so important to me is because I am a father of 7 children. 7 very creative, very loving, yet, very chaotic children. Don't get me wrong, we like them that way. My wife and I believe kids learn best by having fun and exploring, but this means there's always a mess. I can safely say that I know what it means to lose hours upon hours a day trying to fight the clutter of toys, clothes, puzzles, games, and anything else related to childhood. With a plan in place to take care of what’s there, and a plan to limit and monitor anything new, as well as methods to look at it all from a different perspective, you can be well on your way to spending time with your family doing the things you love.

The third reason why decluttering is so important to me is because I grew up with grandparents that were collectors. They collected almost everything they could find and had a hard time getting rid of what they had. Watching my parents and their brothers and sisters have to sort through almost 70 years of bin after endless bin of items was hard. I could see the emotional strain that was being brought on them by not only having to process the loss of their parents but the burden of processing a lifetime of belongings. I don’t want to see anyone have to face that alone, and many times, a third-person perspective is exactly what is needed to help do what everyone knows needs to be done. Some things get to stay, but a lot of it has to go.

It is my hope this all shows that, while we are called Declutter Planning, our main focus isn’t the clutter. It’s the people. You are who we want to see motivated to move past the clutter and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t take it with you,” and while this is true, this isn’t necessarily saying anything bad about the items you own. We need things in our lives to make life doable. I'm not trying to ask you to just get rid of things. I'm hoping to help you find the things that matter amongst all the things that don't. I'm hoping to help you have the experience of peace that comes when you realize that the present stress of clutter isn't worth trying to hold on to the past memories found in belongings. There's another saying that goes, “Have stuff, but don’t let stuff have you." That's where I want you to be. 

That’s what Declutter Planning is all about, and that’s why decluttering is important to us.


Richard Sorensen, B.S. | Certified Professional Life Coach

I began Declutter Planning with a heart and mind focused on helping people overcome the often emotionally overwhelming process of decluttering. I earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology - Christian Counseling from Liberty University, and a Professional Life Coaching Certification from Light University. When I'm not spending time with my family of 9 cooking and watching cartoons, or assisting clients with decluttering, I enjoy encouraging new believers in Christ at my local church, and studying and researching the Japanese Language and Culture, particularly the phenomenon that is known as Hikikomori. You can check out my Linkedin profile for a full professional background. I look forward to working with you in making your space clutter-free.

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