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3 Reasons Why Your Man Cave Isn’t The Sanctuary You Hoped It Would Be

Declutter Planning - 3 Reasons Why Your Man Cave Isn't The Sanctuary You Hoped It Would Be

An inspiring goal for every man is to have a man cave to call their own. It’s where we go to get away from it all and surround ourselves with what makes sense to us. This could be the place where every known piece of Star Wars memorabilia that we can get our hands on is displayed, or where we profess our addiction to the video games we love, both past and present. No matter if it’s Football, Music, Anime, or Coca-Cola, guys just seem to have a needed desire to place themselves for an hour or more a day around the collection and culture that brings them joy. This is a perfectly understandable and a possibly healthy practice for anyone that wants a stress-free sanctuary from the everyday challenges of life, but what do you do when your sanctuary becomes overrun with clutter? I’d like to share with you 3 practical reasons why your Man Cave may be cluttered, along with simple solutions to get it to sanctuary status for good.

Reason 1

Your Man Cave is a Place Without a Purpose

Declutter Planning - Music Room

Sounds easy enough, but not knowing its purpose, and how to take care of it based on that, can leave you uncomfortable in your place of comfort. My own Man Cave was a trial and error exploration in finding it's purpose, which is funny being that it's the closet under the stairs (small house + 7 children  = you take what you get). I had no idea what I wanted it for, but I knew that it wasn't storage.

My first attempt at giving it a purpose was when I received my grandfather's record player after he passed. I'm a huge 1930's to 1970's jazz enthusiast, and the idea of owning the records I love (one of those being the record the man is holding in the image above) and setting up a place to relax, write, and mellow out intrigued me. This wasn't meant to be because I didn't have the money for the records, and well, truthfully, Spotify is just too easy. This lead to me not using it and it turned into storage again. I'm happy to say I reclaimed it again and it's now a painted and padded room for writing, recording podcasts, shooting video's, and in the early mornings, a place for my wife to make some extra money working for VIPKID. It now has a purpose.

Take a look at your room, or the plans you have for your room, and see if you can identify it's purpose.

For example:

  • Is it a museum full of your most cherished possessions, displayed in meticulous detail to lighting, pose, and balance?
  • Is it a personalized Theater for Sports, Movies, Anime, or Gaming, where you or you and your friends can hang out?
  • Could it possibly be considered both? A place where your love for your favorite football team can not only be shown and heard in the highest quality image and sound available, but in the plates, cups, bar stools, poseable figurines, jersey collection, and any and every memorabilia you have the opportunity to score.

This Isn't a Room in Your Parent's House… at Least, I Hope it's Not

Declutter Planning - Thinking Room

While it can seem like a no-brainer in the first stages of creating your Cave, simply thinking, “This room is where I put my stuff and hide from my family,” isn’t going to cut it when you buy more collectables without any room to display them, or your friends come over with their shoes on and uncoordinated drinking habits. As an adult with a mortgage or rent, simply turning an empty room into a throwback of the room you had growing up in your parent's house has consequences. Just like every room in your house has a name, a purpose, and a set of rules that go along with it, so too should your Man Cave. If not, it will eventually become nothing more than storage. Mark my words.

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Thank you for reading this post and I hope you found it helpful. It is my heart's desire to see you living a life that's not only clutter-free, but filled with family, friends, and fun. If you find that your belongings are beginning to bring you more stress than joy, and you live in the Richmond, Virginia, and Tri-Cities area, then I would be honored to come to you for a free consultation. You can find out more at or check us out at Facebook or Pinterest.

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